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She-Hulk, Marvel’s resident Hot Girl

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Sep 26, 2019, 6:01 PM EDT

Hot Girl Summer has come to a close, but one can still walk in the spirit of Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl persona no matter the season. In fact, you can find further inspiration from one of Marvel’s characters who has been and will continue to be a real hottie — and according to a recent announcement made during D23, she's actually, finally getting her own show.

Who is she? We're talking about the one and only Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk. But let's back up to define something first. What do we mean when we refer to her as a "Hot Girl?" Well, Hot Girls are confident in their own skin. They have fun, they live their truth, and they’re the life of the party — all things that can easily be found in Walters herself. 

John Bryne’s The Sensational She-Hulk series, which debuted in 1989, is often hard to categorize in the realm of comics, but what it does without a doubt is showcase just how much of a Hot Girl Jennifer really is. The series itself is written like a variety hour show with some superhero business mixed in. Over the course of her time on the page, Walters has grown into a character who's comfortable being 6’7”, muscular, and green, and The Sensational She-Hulk offers plenty of insight into her evolution as Marvel's resident Hot Girl.


The Sensational She-Hulk #1/Marvel

Walters' transformation into She-Hulk first occurs thanks to a blood transfusion she receives from her cousin, Bruce Banner, which introduces his radioactive blood to her body. When the mobsters who made an attempt on her life decide to pay her a visit at the hospital during her recovery, those radioactive cells, combined with her anger, form the catalyst for She-Hulk. She eventually becomes an Avenger, briefly takes the Thing’s place on the Fantastic Four, and then rejoins the Avengers.

During all of this, Jennifer learns that, like her cousin and others mutated by exposure to gamma radiation over the years, her mutated form is essentially being molded by her subconscious. In her case, it is partly a result of her desire to look like the ideal woman. Eventually, Jennifer gains control of her transformation thanks to a client she’d defended, Michael Morbius, who cures her of a lethal blood disease. Walters ultimately decides to keep her She-Hulk form permanently, embracing the confidence she felt as a 6’7” woman who could lift two tons without breaking a sweat. 

The Sensational She-Hulk picks up after She-Hulk is hypnotized by the RingMaster and becomes a performer in his circus, which is only the tip of the iceberg for the series. Throughout these events, she's both working as an attorney and still dealing with everyone from Dr. Doom’s fifth cousin to angry rock creatures called Hill People — but like any successful Hot Girl, Jennifer manages to balance both. In issue #18 she capably takes down Dr. Bob Doom, DDS both in and out of court, saving his dental victims from his mind control root canals, and getting her clients the damages they are owed.


The Sensational She-Hulk #18/Marvel

The issue itself even starts off with Jennifer having a Hot Girl Summer dream starring Hercules. It's a dream that recurs in her subconscious until she finally meets Herc in real life, finds out he’s trash, and then punches him. She-Hulk knows she has options and clearly isn’t tripping over one guy.

The series has many of these terrific moments, but perhaps the very best thing about it is how well-dressed She-Hulk is. If you’re going to fight crime, you might as well look cute while doing it — and Jennifer's looks are truly versatile, like a Hot Girl should be. She goes from DKNY to Fashion Nova from issue to issue, sometimes page to page. It's important to remember that She-Hulk is over six feet tall, and the cost to keep her closet filled with so many fashionable pieces is probably why she has to work two jobs.


The Sensational She-Hulk #3/Marvel

Jennifer even keeps it cute while in space. In issue #16, she ruins a good outfit turning into gray She-Hulk — but not to worry, though, because She-Hulk isn’t just new to this but true to this. She has a change of clothes with her and is back in action, fully clothed and ready to join Howard the Duck and all the accompanying weirdness he brings to the table. The point we're trying to make is that Jennifer Walters stays ready, and therefore doesn’t have to get ready. 

She-Hulk isn't just a fashionable scholar, a kickass lawyer, and a strong superhero; this Marvel Hot Girl is one who's deserved her own TV series for a long time, and it's exciting to see her finally get her due. Jennifer Walters may have started out as just Bruce Banner’s cousin, but she makes the gamma radiation work for her, not the other way around — and what could be hotter than that?

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