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She-Ra: Voice of Adora, Aimee Carrero, calls the show 'a story of redemption' at NYCC

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Oct 8, 2018, 7:09 PM EDT (Updated)

For the honor of Grayskull!

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation brought She-Ra and the Princesses of Power to New York Comic Con for a panel on Thursday that featured EP/showrunner Noelle Stevenson and cast members Aimee Carrero (Princess Adora/She-Ra), Karen Fukuhara (Princess Glimmer), and Marcus Scribner (Bow). 

Based on the cult-favorite '80s show of the same name, She-Ra follows Adora, a warrior for the evil Horde, who realizes that everything she was raised to believe and fight for is wrong. She switches over to the side of the rebellion after taking possession of a magical sword that turns her into the eight-foot-tall She-Ra.

“She’s so imperfect... I find it to be a story of redemption," said Carrero, who knew next to nothing about the character when she was tapped for the role. Her husband, however, began geeking out, which convinced her to pursue the part. To brush up on her She-Ra, Carrero watched some episodes on YouTube. 

“It’s really hard for her to turn her back on the people that she loves," echoed Stevenson, who is a big fan of the original series. She promised that the reboot "deepens the mythology" and builds up the classic characters while containing Easter eggs and other references to what's come before. 

Check out the snazzy new key art they revealed below:

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Credit: Netflix/DreamWorks Animation

Six clips from the show debuted at the panel, all of them highlighting different aspects and characters of the show. 

The first clip finds Adora and her fellow Horde trainees in a simulation that puts them in the Whispering Woods, which is filled with instigating and rebellious princesses. The point of the exercise is to "liberate" the rebellion stronghold of Bright Moon in the name of the evil Horde.

The second clip is a showcase of Glimmer's friendship with Bow. He shoots a note into her room, shouting for her to come outside. Glimmer says that she's grounded, but reveals her power of transportation. 

“She is the Princess of Bright Moon. She is fiercely stubborn and passionate about leading the rebellion," Fukuhara said. 

Bow is the rebellion's tech expert, whom Scribner described as "awesome" and "a nerd" who heavily believes in friendship and compassion. 

"He's a male character on a predominantly female show," said the actor. “He’s really there as a safety net... he’s not there at the forefront of battle.”

Clip No. 3 depicts the first time that Adora and her fellow Horde cadet, Catra (AJ Michalka), are on opposite sides for the first time. It's also a scene in which Adora transforms into She-Ra for the first time. And trust us, the animation is stunning!

In the fourth clip, Catra is promoted to Force Captain of the Horde by the Horde's leader, Lord Hordak (Keston John), a red-eyed Nosferatu-looking villain. 

Clip 5: Bow has been kidnapped and Adora plans his rescue with a group of other princesses, all of whom have different abilities. One can breathe underwater (we're guessing it's Mermista), while another can use her hair as a weapon (who we are guessing is Entrapta, who was a villain in the original series), much like Marvel's Medusa, another super-powered member of royalty. 

And lastly, the sixth clip was actually the full Season 1 trailer, which had a lot of awesome footage that should jazz anyone up for the cartoon. 

She-Ra NYCC 2018 panel.JPG

Credit: Josh Weiss

All 13 episodes of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power's first season will premiere on Netflix on Nov. 16.

According to Stevenson, Season 1 revolves around Glimmer, Adora, and Bow attempting to create an alliance among all the princesses of the land. This alliance existed back in the day and even boasted Glimmer's mother as a member, but it did not pan out too well. 

The panel ended with an epic photo of everyone in the audience, wearing their She-Ra tiaras and brandishing their paper She-Ra swords. 

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