Sherlock fans denounce "#setlock" stalkers who leak info, make it hard to film

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Jan 23, 2015, 3:34 PM EST

The BBC’s hit series Sherlock, which single-handedly turned delightful Brit Benedict Cumberbatch into one of the biggest stars on the planet, has its own unique type of super-fans — and they’re starting to cause some trouble.

With the episode order always so small, and details so tightly guarded, hardcore Sherlock fans have started stalking the shooting sets whenever the cast and crew are out and about working on a new installment. The initiative has spawned its own hashtag, “#setlock,” and the producers have admitted it can get very annoying — to the point they’ve had to change the way some scenes were shot for fear of prying eyes.

Well, it turns out these stalker fans are apparently in the minority — at least according to a new poll conducted by Radio Times. According to the results, which queried 5,000 Sherlock fans, a resounding 77 percent said they would prefer the “#setlock” initiative to stop so the show’s creators can film in peace.

If nothing else, it’s nice to see these intrusive super-fans are the exception, and not the rule. Obviously, well all love a little scoop — heck, that’s our bread and butter around here, at times. But there needs to be a line. When 300 fans with telephoto lenses are literally distracting the actors and delaying the shoot? That’s a problem.

What’s your take on “#setlock”? Harmless fun, or fandom gone too far?

(Via Radio Times)