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Sherlock Holmes gets an erratic, Japanese, gender-flipped adaptation in Miss Sherlock

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Aug 31, 2018, 4:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Sherlock Holmes is always an odd duck. You don’t get to be a genius without a few social flaws, and the most popular modern takes on the character (BBC’s TV series that launched Benedict Cumberbatch and Robert Downey Jr.’s films) play that for charming quirkiness -- though it can be a source of relationship strife. But HBO’s new Miss Sherlock -- the network’s first Japanese series -- takes Holmes’ eccentricities to their stylized conclusion: The show looks crazy, crazy enough to match its detective’s craziness.

In the show’s first trailer, The Ring’s Yuko Takeuchi delights in dead bodies, invades crime scenes, and otherwise reacts to every situation in the absolute wrong way. But she’s still solving murders, so what can they do? According to the show's website, her first case is about an exploding stomach.

Take a look:

So the oddball, working through explosions, shot kids, and other disasters with total glee, is a British-born woman that buddies up with the surgeon Dr. Wato Tachibana (Shihori Kanjiya) to solve crimes almost as strange as they are. Holmes always seems to work better when the character is a harried mess than when she’s straitlaced and unflappable, so this incarnation looks like a ton of absurd fun for crime-solving buffs.

Miss Sherlock is an eight-part series, co-produced by HBO and Hulu in Japan, that sees its launch on Sept. 1.