Doctor Who's Moffat says Sherlock Holmes is better than Who

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

As if Steven Moffat didn't already have enough to do as writer and executive producer for Doctor Who, it looks like the BBC is about to renew his Sherlock series for a second season, now that the first episode of the modern-day Sherlock Holmes adaptation debuted to huge ratings. But which of those two brainy characters does Moffat like best? Hint—it isn't the one who owns a TARDIS.

During an interview on Newsnight, Moffat called Holmes—and not the Time Lord!—the "single best fictional character ever created."

He also contrasted his two heroes like so:

"They're also sort of opposites. I always think of the doctor oddly enough, strangely enough, as more human. He's like an angel who aspires to be human, whereas Sherlock Holmes is a human being who aspires to be a god. He's rejecting the very things that the Doctor embraces. But they sort of meet in the middle, 'cause neither succeeds in their aspirations.

Check out more of what Moffat—accompanied by playwright Mark Ravenhill—had to say below.