Sherlock producer blasts Jonny Lee Miller's Elementary casting

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Dec 16, 2012, 12:07 PM EST

The road sure isn't smooth for CBS' upcoming drama series Elementary. First, the BBC made it clear that they will sue the network if its new show shares too many similarities with the Beeb's awesome Sherlock, and now a producer is blasting the casting choice of Jonny Lee Miller as the other modern Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock producer Sue Vertue has spoken up (again), this time regarding the news that Jonny Lee Miller—who shared the spotlight with the awesomely-cheekboned Benedict Cumberbatch in Danny Boyle's critically acclaimed play Frankenstein (both actors won a Best Actor prize after alternately sharing the same two roles: that of Frankenstein and his monster)—has been cast as the New York-based modern Sherlock Holmes.

Vertue told The Independent "Jonny is a very fine actor, who I saw recently in the theatre when he and Benedict played alternating roles in Frankenstein. Let's hope their pilot script has stayed further away from our Sherlock than their casting choice."

She added: "We have been in touch with CBS and informed them that we will be looking at their finished pilot very closely for any infringement of our rights."

CBS is still insisting they'll be respectful of copyright laws and will not infringe the copyright of the BBC series:

"Our project is a contemporary take on Sherlock Homes that will be based on Holmes, Watson and other characters in the public domain, as well as original characters. We are, of course, respectful of all copyright laws and will not infringe on any stories or works that may still be protected."

Miller, who's no stranger to U.S. audiences, having starred in the legal drama Eli Stone a couple of years back, and having recently made a killer splash on Dexter, will soon shoot the Elementary pilot, with plans for a full series this September. If the network is pleased with the end result, that is.

Then the gloves will be off for what is bound to be a massive ''who's-got-the-biggest-brains'' face-off.

We think we'll put our money on the BBC's highly clever, gripping and brilliant Sherlock. How about you?

(via Den of Geek)