She's back! Orphan Black creators explain that shocking final scene

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Apr 21, 2014, 12:58 PM EDT

BBC America’s cult sci-fi hit Orphan Black finally returned to the airwaves this weekend, and fans got one heck of a surprise with the season-two premiere’s final scene. So what’s up?

Spoilers ahead for Orphan Black’s season-two premiere!

Series co-creator Graeme Manson opened up to Entertainment Weekly in a lengthy post-premiere interview, with a key topic being the psycho clone Helena’s (Tatiana Maslany) apparent survival after taking a few bullets in the belly from Sarah (also Maslany) last season.

As she stumbled into the hospital mumbling about being shot by her sister, you could just about feel the collective gasps from across the country — especially since Manson and fellow producer John Fawcett had said at the end of last season that she was definitely dead. So, why the big fakeout? Part of the series creators’ “evil master plan” to make sure they didn’t spoil season two.

Here’s how Fawcett explained the move, while teasing how it sets up year two:

“Yeah, we always knew that. It was never, ever a discussion of whether we kill her or not, she was very much going to be alive and we kind of had an evil plan for why she was alive, which will be revealed soon. I’m hoping the audience is going to be really excited that she’s back and then the question is, how did she survive? We lied. It was bald face lying. We just did it as best we could with every single interviewer that would talk to us.”

Considering what we now know about Helena’s religious zealot group, and their apparent role in the kidnapping of Sarah’s daughter that'll play out this season, it makes sense that they’d keep her around for a while longer. 

Helena was easily the weirdest clone we’ve met, but there was just something about Maslany’s portrayal that was positively mesmerizing. We’re glad she won’t get to hang up the ratty wig just yet.

What did you think of the big twist? Did you see it coming?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)