Shia LaBeouf swears Transformers 3 is 'the greatest 3-D film ever'

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:51 PM EST

Michael Bay has yet to take his explosive action films into the third dimension—until next week, that is. Not only will this be the first in the Transformers franchise to go 3-D, but, according to its star, it will also be the "greatest 3-D film ever." Really.

Says LaBeouf, "We took the 3-D cameras out of the Avatar stages and put them on the head of a dude jumping out of a plane in Chicago while a building is exploding. For real. Four or five dudes, actually. It's the greatest 3-D film ever made."

Now some of you out there might be thinking, "Hey, 3-D is swell and all, but what about the story?" Yes, it's true, Transformers has picked up something of a reputation for getting convoluted, especially during its enormous robot-infused action sequences. In Dark of the Moon, the fights will be bigger than ever but, according to LaBeouf, we won't get confused.

"You don't breathe for the last hour. There's just no letup, but it's also not completely overwhelming and disconnected, as the second movie was. You didn't know what was fighting what or where you were geography-wise. There was no way to be able to tell a story, whereas this is very Black Hawk Down action. The geography is very clear. There's only four or five dudes you need to be following. The enemy is very clear. The second movie was so ... complicated. The best movies are simple."

So—are you more likely to shell out the extra coins to see Transformers in 3-D now? Or are you thinking the guy singing Bay's praises might be a little bit biased?

(via Hero Complex)