Shiny! The crew of Serenity will reunite for videogame Firefly Online

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Jul 25, 2014, 1:14 PM EDT

As someone once told fans of the 2003 TV show Firefly, "You can't take the sky from me." But Fox Broadcasting could and did, and we've been pining for Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew ever since. But thanks to an announcement at San Diego Comic-Con, we know that we'll be hearing from them again. That's because they'll be lending their voices to a Firefly videogame, Firefly Online.

The upcoming game is described as "an online strategic roleplaying game." But the trailer below is less RPG and more sim, with character creation and ship and interior design. (Obviously, the developers don't want to show their hand too soon.)

According to Firefly Online

Players take on the role of a ship captain as they hire a crew and lead missions, while trading with and competing against millions of other players like themselves. Much like the crew of Serenity, the Firefly-class transport ship featured in the original show, players must do whatever it takes to survive in the Verse: find a crew, find a job and keep flying.

Firefly Online doesn't have a release date, but you can believe we'll be watching the skies for signs that our Firefly-based friends are tearing up the 'verse with hijinx, escapades and more than a few diverse alarums. 

As for the trailer, stay until the ending for a cameo with Nathan "Captain Tightpants" Fillion.  

(Via PCGamer)