Shiny new Tomorrowland TV spot stars rocketpacks, monorails and space capsules

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Apr 13, 2015, 5:34 PM EDT (Updated)

With Brad Bird's Tomorrowland set to premiere in a little more than a month, Disney has still not brought out the heavy marketing guns for its futuristic fantasy.  This is a new 30-second clip featured during the MTV Movie Awards event and gives us a few extra glimpses of the sparkling City of Tomorrow, the cable-sprouting time-travel pod powering up for a jaunt and its jolting, parachute-assisted landing in the fantastic chrome-colored metropolis.  Hang on tight and take a look.

As Age of Ultron's publicity machine cranks up the intensity leading up to its May 1 launch, Disney's approach to Tomorrowland has been somewhat measured and muddled, never quite striking that perfect tonal balance.  U.S. teasers and trailers have mostly focused on Casey's (Britt Robertson) revelation of being "the chosen one" and her temporal roadtrip to Tomorrowland with the mysterious former boy genius played by George Clooney, where international trailers illuminate much more backstory, with Disneyland's "It's A Small World" attraction and even Uncle Walt himself tied into an adventurous plot to better mankind.  Whether or not that strategy will shift in the coming weeks, who can predict, but with Mad Max: Fury Road and Poltergeist breathing down its neck, now is not the time for the Mouse to be timid. 

Are you excited to see this nostalgic Disney odyssey or choosing to sit it out?

Directed by The Incredibles' Brad Bird, Tomorrowland opens May 22, 2015, and also stars Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Kathryn Hahn and Tim McGraw.

(Via Deadline)

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