Shiny concept art from a Superman game you'll never get to play

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

It takes a long time for videogames to go from the drawing board to the wireless controller, and some of them die along the way. One of the titles that fell by the wayside was a Superman game tentatively titled Blue Steel, and these designs show what could've been but wasn't.

Digital artist Daveed Kaplan was part of the design team at Factor 5 that was developing Blue Steel back in 2008, and he dropped a handful of images on his blog (and subsequently pulled them down).

It's unclear what the game was going to be about, other than it would pit the Big Blue Schoolboy against some of his greatest villains: Lex Luthor, Darkseid and General Zod.

But it's nice to see Superman back in the ol' red underwear, especially since he lost them in DC's New 52 redesign.

(via Comics Alliance and Siliconera)