This short film reminds us why being cured of the zombie virus isn't always a good thing

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Jan 24, 2014

You've somehow survived the zombie apocalypse, even though you were briefly a zombie. Hooray! Right? 

Director David Freyne has a feature-length zombie film coming out called The Third Wave. But what we are finding of immediate interest is a short film he's put together that acts as a prequel of sorts -- The First Wave. What sets this short apart from most other zombie movies is that it focuses on the very first person to be cured of the zombie plague. If you think that sounds uplifiting, think again.

If you've ever had a debate with someone over whether it's better to be a zombie survivor or to just die and let your body shamble around rather than endure the endless terror, then this short will have struck a chord. Because, in some ways, the worst outcome is to be a zombie and be cured only to have to deal with everything you've done. It also doesn't help if the zombie apocalypse is still at hand.

Gruesomely good stuff.

(via Neatorama)

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