Show of Force: Mark Hamill's three kids had cameos in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Dec 29, 2017, 1:10 PM EST

Rian Johnson may have written and directed Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it was really a Hamill family affair through and through. Mark Hamill made his long-awaited return as Jedi Master Luke Skywalker and he also played a second role as one of the aliens during the Canto Bight scenes. However, it also turns out that the actor's kids — Nathan, Griffin, and Chelsea Elizabeth — are in the movie as Resistance fighters.

Hamill revealed the cameos on Twitter, saying, "Thanks for not letting @NathanHamill @GriffinHamill & @chelseahamill wind-up on #TheLastJedi cutting-room floor @rianjohnson! And for allowing my one directorial note: 'Pop-up FASTER or Oscar'll block ya!' on the 2nd & final take. #MyKidsCoolCameoAsRebelScum." 

He also included accompanying photos of them in costume from the film's Visual Dictionary, which reveals their names as Saile Minnau (Nathan), Salaka Kuchimba (Griffin), and Koo Millham (Chelsea). Saile is featured on the page discussing the Resistance Fleet and is described as a "Guard"; Salaka shows up in the book's index section, which highlights his "Tattered combat cap"; and Koo is called a member of the "Ground Logistics Division" on the page talking about the Resistance's last stand on Crait. 

While it may take another viewing of The Last Jedi to see Hamill's progeny pop up, it's probably safe to assume that there's only a few possible places where their cameos are featured: The movie's opening evacuation sequence, anytime we see the Resistance Fleet attempting to outrun the First Order, or the final battle on Crait. In any case, it's cool that Mark got to make another Star Wars with his family by his side this time. Now if only we knew how to make him adopt all of us...