The showdown continues in the first clip from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

In a little more than two months, Warner Bros.' DC Comics Cinematic Universe will kick into high gear with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the first-ever big-screen meeting between the two title heroes, the first big-screen appearance of Wonder Woman, and so much more. The trailers for the film have revealed quite a bit, including the appearance of Doomsday, but what we hadn't seen until this week was a full clip of the action. Now, Zack Snyder's changed that.

During an appearance on Conan last night, Snyder unveiled the first clip from the film, and it's an extension of an already familiar moment. We saw Batman standing in his crashed Batmobile to face Superman in the trailers, and recent TV spots have revealed that the Batmobile crashed because of Superman. We've heard Batman ask Superman if he bleeds several times over, and now we get to see the rest of that moment. It doesn't reveal much, but it does seem to tell us why the confrontation happened in the first place. Check it out.


Yes, I still find the "Do you bleed?" moment to be painfully overwrought, and Superman's dialogue in this moment feels stilted and clunky to me, but there's something more interesting to be discussed here. In the trailers so far, we've heard over and over again about the world's fears when it comes to Superman, and in particular we've seen Bruce Wayne -- after witnessing the Man of Steel's destructive power firsthand -- attempt to find a way to contain what he sees as an extra-terrestrial threat with the potential to wipe out the planet. We've assumed almost since the movie was announced that the destruction in Man of Steel would motivate a paranoid Dark Knight, but here Superman's the guy who seems to be attempting to contain a threat. He's not just telling Batman to stay away from him. He's telling Batman to ignore any of Gotham City's calls for help. Why? What did Batman do to make Superman go from "Hey, I'm not trying to hurt anyone" to "Shut your whole operation down"? I guess Snyder was right when he promised the trailers didn't give everything away after all.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives March 25.

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