Showtime ... again! Pixar's The Incredibles is getting a sequel!

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Mar 18, 2014, 6:09 PM EDT (Updated)

This is not a drill. Unless mole people are involved. There may be a drill involved, then. But, in any event, the Parr family is officially coming back.

Pixar has made many sequels. Sometimes they are great (Toy Story) and sometimes you wonder what they're thinking over there (Cars). And while we've known for a while that Finding Nemo was getting a sequel in Finding Dory, the film we thought was most ripe for a followup was left all on its lonesome.

Until now.

Yes, Brad Bird, aka one of the best writers of animation around, is returning to Pixar's first superhero family. And, really, of course he is. In 2004, The Incredibles raked in $631 million. So, not only is there going to be a sequel, but the original is getting a 3D revamp for theaters.

The only real hitch is that Pixar has its movies planned out until 2016 at least, so we've still got a long wait ahead.

But no matter how long that wait may be, we're just elated at this news. The first Incredibles was a brilliant origin story, lush with great heroes to play with and a fun world, too. We can only imagine what a sequel might be about. Considering all the many parallels between this and the Fantastic Four, might we recommend something in the vein of a Doctor Doom?

How about you? What do you want to see? Pitch us your ideas! Just one rule -- no capes, darling!

(via Variety)