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Shudder brings the chills to NYCC with Greg Nicotero and Joe Bob Briggs

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Oct 4, 2018, 7:15 PM EDT (Updated)

"Creepshow wouldn't be Creepshow without Stephen King."

That quote, from Greg Nicotero at the NYCC Shudder panel, gave fans assurance that the new series will be in good hands. Nicotero will be the showrunner for the 6-episode series on the horror-centric streaming service.

Also joining Nicotero on the panel was Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman, who's in charge of programming all the awesome, gross, and disgusting movies you get to see each month. While deciding what he wants to share with subscribers, he said he always thinks: "Will I like it? Will it entertain both me AND the audience. I also look for the inventive. Yes, this movie is a haunted house movie, but what did you do with your haunted house to make it stand out?" 

Zimmerman went on to announce the upcoming October slate, the streamer's biggest month (for some reason). Movies include Satan's Slaves, Terrified, an Argentinian movie that won best horror film at Fantastic Fest, and Summer of 84. Shudder will also debut its first short-form original series, Deadwax. Think of The Ring, but with vinyl.

The legendary Joe Bob Briggs then talked about bringing back The Last Drive-In for a series of marathons this fall/winter. For Thanksgiving, he will be hosting the "Dinners of Death" marathon which features movies revolving around dinners that go terribly wrong.  "The first movie of the Thanksgiving marathon is my all-time favorite movie, and this is the first time I will be able to host it," said Briggs, who went on to note that December will feature the aptly named "Joe Bob Briggs Christmas Special."

Finally, Nicotero discussed his nostalgic excitement in bringing Creepshow back: "The original Creepshow was the first set visit I ever went on, and it's where George Romero and I started to form our friendship. This series is really a tribute to George." The ties to the original didn't stop with the King announcement. After each episode, Shudder subscribers will receive a digital copy of the comic adaptation.

Three horror experts, each gaining their notoriety in the genre in three different ways. That type of diversity is why Shudder is so successful.

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