Shuttle landing delayed until Friday

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Sep 10, 2009

[UPDATE! (Friday 13:40 MT): More bad weather in Florida is forcing a landing at Edwards Air Force base in California. De-orbit burn will be at 19:47 EDT (23:47 GMT) and touchdown at 20:53 EDT (00:53 GMT).]

Bad weather at the Florida Shuttle landing site has forced a delay in the landing of Discovery until Friday. The first attempt will be for a touchdown at 17:48 EDT (21:48 GMT), and a second possibility at 19:23 EDT (23:23 GMT). They will have to do a de-orbit burn at 16:45 (20:45 GMT) for the first landing attempt, so I'll be here around then live tweeting it on my BANews Twitter stream.

The weather forecast is no better tomorrow, and may be worse, so NASA may have to call up the landing site at Edwards Air Force Base in California. The Orbiter can only stay up so long with limited supplies, so bad weather in Florida may force them to land on the west coast. We'll know more as landing time approaches.

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