Si Spurrier on writing Boom! Studios' Godshaper and the Dark Crystal sequel

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Apr 5, 2017, 5:52 PM EDT
Simon "Si" Spurrier is a veteran in the genre comics game having worked on mainstream Marvel titles like X-Men and Silver Surfer. He recently wrote a military werewolf story in Cry Havoc with artist Ryan Kelly for Image Comics, as well as the Eisner-nominated science fiction fantasy mystery The Spire, drawn by Jeff Stokely.
Spurrier's latest creator-owned project for Boom! Studios is a high-concept book called Godshaper, drawn by Jonas Goonface, which hits comic shops on April 12. It's described by Boom! Studios:
Discover a world where super-powered gods have replaced technology, and every human has a private, guardian-deity of their very own…though unfortunately for Ennay, some exceptions apply. Men and women like him are Shapers: born godless, but with the ability to mold and recalibrate the gods of others. Paired with Bud, a friendly deity without a human, they go on the road looking for food, shelter, and a paying gig. Despite their efforts to keep a low profile, Ennay and Bud stumble upon a mystery that will have lasting ramifications for god and man alike.
But for further explanation about the concepts and themes explored, watch our video interview with Spurrier about Godshaper.

Syfy Wire sits down with writer Si Spurrier to talk about Godshaper and the Dark Crystal sequel.

But Godshaper isn't the only book we wanted to talk to Spurrier about. Boom! Studios took Spurrier's enthusiasm towards the Dark Crystal film as a sign and then they gave him an opportunity to write the sequel after the feature film struggled to get out of preproduction hell. It meant a lot to him as a child and was allowed to tinker with the unused screenplay and put his unique perspective of the story. He told Syfy Wire why it was so important for him to write the comic:

Si Spurrier on the Dark Crystal sequel.