Sick of all the distractions? Here’s a movie sack for your head

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Jan 31, 2018, 8:05 PM EST

How many more times will we have to tear ourselves away from some super-engrossing episode of Rick and Morty — only to swat away at some momentary, low-level distraction: a text, a barking dog, a significant other’s banal (and totally wrong) plot theory, or that irritating, sky-filling orange flash just outside the window?

If you’re a fan of this new Kickstarter campaign, all those times could soon be coming to an end. Introducing Poptheatr, the bag you stick your head inside for that full reality-canceling (if not fully immersive) viewing experience. Predicated on the idea that if you can’t get it all away from you, at least you can get away from it all, here’s a product that easily makes the playoffs in the no-contact sport of passive-aggressive, do-not-disturb signaling.

Perhaps we aren’t describing this adequately, so here’s a video from the campaign to help you get your head around it — or, rather, help it get itself around your head.


Poptheatr promises to be compatible with most mobile devices, whether smartphone or tablet sized, and during their “early bird” promotional period, a $54 pledge will net you your very own entertainment isolation chamber. The whole thing is collapsible, yet still manages to pack in a dual-driver speaker. It’s made from a fabric that promises “air flow throughout the theater,” as Poptheatr describes it, and there’s even a Bluetooth remote included.

Are there drawbacks? Who’s to say? It appears you’ll need to bring your best body language game to the experience — we’re talking dentist’s chair levels of stillness here. And, depending on your point of view, the very sight of your motionless supine body, visually detached from your face by a giant black head-tent, could turn a populated living room into either a very awkward place… or, perhaps, a very entertaining one.

So far, Poptheatr has raised just shy of $6,000, on the way toward its overall funding goal of $40,000. There’s still time to join in on all the solitude, so head on over to Kickstarter and check it out.