Sideshow rolls out their new life-size, $7,450 Star Wars R2-D2 replica

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Sep 14, 2016

Have an undying attraction to adorable astromechs from a galaxy far, far away and need to fill a quiet corner of your man cave using a green wad of cash that could choke a Rancor? We've got you covered on all counts!  

Check out the robotic curves on this impressive, screen-accurate, life-size R2-D2 sculpture from Sideshow Collectibles. With the August passing of actor Kenny Baker, who played R2 in six Star Wars movies, it's a perfect chance to honor his performance and celebrate the heroic droid from the Star Wars saga while taking a cavalier attitude toward your poor checking account when you plunk down a whopping $7,450 for one.

Sideshow's full-scale droid measures in at 48 inches tall and 42 inches wide and stands on a Millennium Falcon-themed base. Their team of artists has rendered R2 right down to the smallest port, vent and hydraulic, with screen-accurate LED lights and chirping electronic sounds that can be be activated via the included remote control.  His dome can also be rotated to the right and left, along with the holographic projectors . If you want one, start rearranging furniture and your finances now before common sense strikes. They're available for pre-order here, with an expected delivery of summer 2017.  

Take a look in the gallery below and tell us if R2-D2 belongs in your collection or left to rust on an arid planet.

(Via Comic Book)

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