Sideshow's incredible new life-sized Boba Fett statue will set you back $8,500!

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Apr 18, 2016, 4:46 PM EDT

Sideshow Collectibles has crafted some magnificent limited-edition collector statues, premium action figures and deluxe busts over the years, but this life-sized Boba Fett may be one of their crowning achievements.  Standing over 6 feet tall and impeccably dressed in a screen-accurate costume, you may feel intimidated by this jetpack-wearing Star Wars bounty hunter, but since you'll have to plunk down $8,450 (less shipping) to get one, he may spare your life and just encase you in carbonite.  Sideshow teamed up with the wizards at Tom Spina Designs and assigned a team of 13 artists, sculptors, costumers and painters to fashion this imposing replica.  Pre-order now for delivery sometime in early 2017.  Payment plans are available!

Here's the official description:

This magnificent six-and-a-half foot tall replica is so realistic, you’ll swear he jumped right off the Slave I! Standing confidently on a light up themed base, Boba Fett is decked out from head to toe in an authentic replica of his Mandalorian armor, featuring an articulated helmet with adjustable rangefinder, intricately detailed fabric costume and utility belt, a light-up chest panel, and braided Wookiee scalp accessories. Armed with a blaster at the ready, and another holstered at his hip, the resourceful mercenary is equipped with his signature jetpack and keeps various tools of the trade stashed in his pockets. The Boba Fett Life-Size Figure is the ultimate collectible for fans of the Fett, a truly unique centerpiece in any home theater, mancave or Star Wars display.

Inspect this audacious Boba Fett figure in the gallery below and tell us if your bank account might bear its costly burden.

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