Siegel and Shuster vs. DC + 11 more fierce comic book legal battles

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May 14, 2013

As much fun as comic books are, they can get really ugly sometimes.

The world of comic books is a world in which characters can survive for decades, passing through the hands of dozens (if not hundreds) of writers, artists, letterers, colorists, editors and more on their way to the printers, and going through a number of incarnations. With that comes a unique set of challenges with regard to character ownership and licensing, and sometimes that leads to writers and artists battling publishers -- or each other -- over who owns what, and why. It's been going on since Superman changed comics forever in 1938, and it doesn't seem likely to stop anytime soon. 

So from Superman to Ghost Rider, here are some of the biggest comic-book-centric legal battles in the history of the medium.


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