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'Signal from Sector Six' is Poe and Kaz's Excellent Adventure

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Nov 11, 2018, 10:30 PM EST

“Signal from Sector Six”, Episode 7 of Star Wars Resistance, brings back a familiar face. Kaz teams up with Poe Dameron to investigate a distress signal sent out from a pirate ship in the far reaches of space. They battle several small monkey lizards and one very large monkey lizard before saving the lone survivor of the crew. Or so they think. Unfortunately, Kaz unwittingly brings a pirate back to Colossus to play double agent, and we can only guess as to the chaos that will bring.

Preeti: There was a lot to love about this episode, Oscar Isaac is always a delight as Poe Dameron. I hadn’t realized how much I missed his specific brand of humor! I quite literally laughed out loud at multiple line deliveries.

Swapna: I did too! I really enjoyed this episode for multiple reasons, but Poe was one of the main ones. We’ve seen quite a bit of Poe through two movies, but we usually see him in times of crisis. I loved seeing Poe as a leader here in this episode. His pilots automatically fall into line when the stakes are high, but it was so good to see why they do that, why they respect him. I loved his mentorship and the care he showed to Kaz.

Star Wars Resistance Ep 7 Kaz Pilot

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Preeti: Though we did get to see a little bit of that Last Jedi impulsiveness here when he just makes a plan and goes for it without really thinking through the end game. It was a nice way to let the character feel consistent despite being written outside of the film universe. Because the fact is (as we see later) is that Poe isn’t perfect. The reason Synara gets onto Colossus is because he also insists that Yeager take her on.

Swapna: Between Finn and Kaz, we know Poe is a sucker for a hard luck case. It’s not a surprise he wants to save Synara too.

Preeti: It’s so true. I’m surprised, and honestly a little frustrated, at how little Yeager pushes back even though he clearly has the instinct to know that this isn’t a good idea. I feel like a broken record at this point, but we need more for the rest of the team to do. Yeager and Tam, Tam!!! Give Tam more!!!

Swapna: Right — Resistance doesn’t feel like an ensemble show right now. And it doesn’t seem like that’s intentional, I think it’s supposed to be yet another found family story. But they aren’t quite there when it comes to tying all the characters together and getting them involved in the story.

Preeti: And I hate to keep comparing it to Rebels, but that’s the space it’s occupying now. And what Rebels did effectively, and quickly, was make us care about the entire team… not just Ezra (and in many cases, not Ezra at all, ha!). I do really enjoy Kaz’s character, and I’m invested in his story, but Star Wars has always been about more than the individual.

Swapna: Yes, I agree. And just to get it out of the way, let me say yet again: We need more for the female characters to do. But I’m hopeful with the introduction of Synara that we’ll get a really meaty role for her.

Preeti: We better, though they need to stop dropping the ball with Tam and Torra, as the only women of color (though I guess technically Synara is… purple) on the show. It’s frustrating because there really is so much to like about the show, that this is just one way in which its failures are glaring.

But, back to this episode. I’m with Poe. I hate those monkey lizard things. I hated the one in Return of the Jedi, sitting with Jabba, screeching laughter, and I hate the ones in this episode.

Star Wars Resistance Ep 7 Kaz Monkey

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Swapna: I hate them, but they made me laugh out loud. The humor in this show is really well balanced — appealing to younger kids, but I never find scenes like this annoying. I definitely chuckled more than once, especially at Poe’s “I hate monkeys.”

I also love that we got to see Kaz behind the controls of an X-Wing. It was a nice change of scenery to take this episode off the platform. It made everything feel fresh.

Preeti: Yes! Pilot Kaz! I keep going back to this, but the balance of slapstick and competency is going to have to start to shift for his character. He’s so cocky about flying (“I could do this in my sleep.” I think he says) but we haven’t really seen enough of him doing it, so it comes off as so immature. But if he’s so immature, why does Poe believe in his ability to be a spy? I just need a little more from the writing of his character to make me believe in the why.

Swapna: I agree completely, but I also wonder if Poe is taking a chance on Kaz. What we see is Poe’s confidence in him, but I suspect it might be a situation where Poe knows that Kaz needs someone to believe in him in order to grow up. Am I way off base?

Preeti: I don’t think you’re off base! But I do think that the show needs to do a better job of setting that up. Because I can totally see how that could be the case, but it’s putting the onus on the viewer to read their own interpretation into the actions. I’d like his motivation to be a little more specifically textualized.

Swapna: I think we’re both seeing the disparate threads of this show, and what it has the potential to be, and we’re just waiting for them all to come together. That being said, we’re only what, six episodes in? And the last three have been strong. So I think we’re heading in that direction.

Preeti: Yeah, that’s a fair point. I think I’m getting anxious because we only have ten episodes this season, right? So it’s a lot of work to do in a short amount of time.

Swapna: I totally agree. I don’t want to see the show cancelled because it hasn’t quite pulled everything together by the time the season ends (or it goes on hiatus, I’m not sure if this is a half season or a full one).

Preeti: I think it also is coming back to viewers not necessarily being clear on what this show is supposed to be. It’s got this great kid-friendly comedy, but it’s on at 10PM on Sundays. And Kaz is certainly an older teen, on the cusp of adulthood. I’m hoping the next three episodes will give us enough to keep us going, regardless of whether it’s into a hiatus or a break between seasons. I’m not sure we’re quite there, yet. Even with the cliffhanger this episode gave us!

Star Wars Resistance Ep 7 X Wings

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Swapna: Yep. I know it seems like we’re being harsh, but I think the issue of the show’s identity is one that has to be answered by the end of these first ten episodes or so. It’s really important to understand in terms of what to expect from Resistance.

But I agree, we’ve had a streak of strong episodes that have featured great character and plot development, and I think that will continue. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with Synara and how she plays into the next episode (or episodes).

Preeti: I’m interested to see more of this partnership between the First Order and the pirates, so I’m hoping Synara will give some insight into that side of things. Because we know the First Order is working with both the pirates and the leader of the Colossus, but will having a pirate on the base complicate things?

Swapna: And how will it factor into Doza’s decision on working with the First Order? There’s a lot of potential here for some exciting twists and turns going forward.

Preeti: Yes! The threads of a really big story are there, I’m excited to see them come together! Oh, I didn’t mention it earlier, but shout-out to Poe and BB-8’s amazing relationship. That was the true MVP of this episode.

Swapna: OH yes! I love them so much — you can hear the warmth in Oscar Isaac’s voice when he talks about/to BB-8. You can tell he loves that droid as much as Poe does.

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