Sigourney Weaver and James Cameron talk Aliens in 1986 behind-the-scenes featurette

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Aug 1, 2014, 4:17 PM EDT

YouTube is one of the most beloved sites on the Internet for one simple reason: Where else would could we find bunny videos and Star Wars parodies? Not only that, but YouTube frequently gives us some obscure film minutiae that only geeks like us love. Recently someone posted a behind-the-scenes look at Aliens. Obviously, we love it.

This eight-minute video, a press kit featurette uploaded by PAL/Soundtrack Specialist, came straight outta 1986. In it, we get insights about Aliens from star Sigourney Weaver, director James Cameron, producer Gale Anne Hurd and alien effects creator Stan Winston.

Most interesting is Weaver's look into her character, Ellen Ripley. Starting at 0:52, Weaver delves into Ripley's mindset and explains why her character is particularly traumatized. We've never thought of it this way before ... and now we're traumatized on her behalf. Hurd's take on Aliens as a sequel to Alien is particularly interesting as well.

Check it out. And let us know if this inspires yet another Aliens rewatch.

Via IndieWire.