Sigourney Weaver claims Neill Blomkamp's shelved Alien movie is "worth the wait"

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Apr 25, 2016, 11:09 AM EDT

Before Sir Ridley Scott took all his sci-fi toys and decided to do his own Alien movie, Neill Blomkamp was set to dig his hands into the Alien sandbox with his own non-canon sequel, picking up after James Cameron's Aliens from 1986 and totally ignoring the 3rd and 4th films. Breathtaking concept art was created outside any studio jurisdiction and the geek community was all abuzz for weeks with equal measures of anxiety, anticipation and anger, especially after the fizzled prospects of Blomkamp's last feature, Chappie.  Dollars were discussed, deals were made, hands were shaken, right before a bigger fish by the name of Ridley Scott entered the creative stream.


That planned rogue project was swiftly sidelined by 20th Century Fox in favor of Scott's forthcoming Alien: Covenant, the first of three proposed Prometheus sequels, and there's no planned start date for Blomkamp's maverick vision.  However, it might not be over yet, simply on pause, as Sigourney Weaver declared its still-beating pulse during an interview at a recent VMWare event where she was asked if it was still alive and went to bat for Blomkamp's untitled-yet-loved Alien 5 project.

“Well, I think it is. Ridley asked Neill not to make our Alien ’til after ‘Prometheus 2.’  [Ridley] wanted his movie to shoot and be released first. But it’s an amazing script, and Neill and I are really excited about doing it. We’re doing other things until we can get going on that. I’d be really surprised if we didn’t do it, because it’s such a great script, and we love working together. So, it’s just going to take a little bit longer to get out to you, but it’ll be worth the wait.”


The District 9 director's pitch had been to continue the franchise following the events of Aliens, with Ripley, Hicks and a 27-year-old Newt battling xenomorphs and exploring the mystery behind the Space Jockeys and their origins.  So, while Blomkamp's project is on hold awaiting the all-clear from Fox, are you happy he still might get to meddle in the Alien universe or pleased that his script might be left alone and neglected on the shelf?

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