Sigourney Weaver on Neill Blomkamp's Alien revival and a potential guest star

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Feb 19, 2015, 8:06 PM EST (Updated)

Last night, Chappie and District 9 director Neill Blomkamp announced that the Alien film he'd been toying with that we first saw in concept art form is actually happening. Blomkamp and Fox have agreed on a deal that will lead to the first film in the Alien series proper since 1997's Alien: Resurrection, and if Blomkamp's original concept art is any indication of what the project will be going forward, he'll be wanting his Chappie collaborator Sigourney Weaver to return as Ellen Ripley.

But will it happen? Ripley is certainly Weaver's signature character, and it would be jarring to see someone else in the role, but the actress has yet to actually confirm her involvement in the project. Last night, though (in an appearance likely taped before Blomkamp's announcement broke), while promoting Chappie on The Tonight Show, she did get to briefly talk about the possibility.

"I actually heard the rumor that this director was pitching you on maybe doing another Alien?" host Jimmy Fallon asked Weaver. "Is it true?"

After an ovation from the audience, Weaver responded:

"We've been talking about it," she said. "He is so talented."

Unfortunately, that's all we got from Weaver in terms of actually responding to whether she'd be up for the film, but at least we know Blomkamp's brought it up to her. Weaver did go on, though, to reveal that she's already received a cameo request from someone: comedian and actor Louis C.K.

"I said that to Louis C.K. the other night, whom I met but did not take a picture of, and Louis C.K. said 'I wanna be in it, and I wanna die in a terrible way.' And I said 'I'm sure something can be arranged,'" Weaver said.

So Weaver's at least game for talking about returning to the Ripley role, but whether she'll actually join the project remains to be officially seen. Check out the full clip, including some Chappie talk, below.

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