Sigourney Weaver says she can't "think of a better director" for Alien 5

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Mar 5, 2015, 12:58 PM EST

As Chappie faces mixed reviews, the star of the Alien Quadrilogy seems more optimistic than ever for the future of the franchise.

While original Alien diretor Ridley Scott continues with the Alien-adjacent Prometheus films, it's District 9 director Neill Blomkamp who will be bringing us Alien 5, 20 years after Alien: Resurrection. While the concept art looks amazing, Blomkamp's track record is less so. By his own admission, Elysium wasn't very good, and now his latest, Chappie, is facing more criticism than we suspect Blomkamp would like and has a 44% rotten rating on

But Sigourney Weaver has nothing but sunshine and rainbows for her future director, saying she could not "think of a better director" for Alien 5. "I think he’ll be true to the world and take it in unexpected directions," says Weaver. "It’s got a lot of sinew in it. It will certainly stand up to the others and probably break a lot of new ground as well."

So long as the other movies Weaver is referring to are the original and the James-Cameron-directed sequel, we're game. But as much love as we have in our hearts for District 9 (which I hope you've seen, because it is tremendous), we've already seen how bigger budgets and studio involvement can mess with Blomkamp's mojo.

What do you think? Are you optimistic like Sigourney? Or are Elysium and Chappie chapping your uh ... well, you know.

(via Comic Book Movie)