Sigourney Weaver talks about reprising Ripley in upcoming Alien: Isolation

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Jul 24, 2014, 7:22 PM EDT (Updated)

In the 1979 movie AlienSigourney Weaver created the role of Ellen Ripley, a kickass female character who took on a xenomorph and lived to tell the tale. Now she's back for another round, 35 years after she first shot the alien out of an airlock and roasted it with jet engines. Only instead of acting for movie audiences, she's playing to the videogame crowd.

In the upcoming stealth game, Alien: Isolation, Ripley's daughter, Amanda, searches a devastated space station, looking for clues about her lost mother. Weaver will be reprising her role in the DLC, which is available when you preorder the game (amusingly, it's called "Crew Expendable," also known as Special Order 937).

Weaver talked to Entertainment Weekly about returning to the role:

Well, it was eerie, because it was like putting on an old pair of shoes. I sat down in the booth and I had looked at the first film again to reorient myself, but I didn’t quite expect Ripley to be, in a sense, waiting for this opportunity...I think the game that they’ve created, the details of it, the world of it, was very inspiring to me as an actor, and kind of unearthed Ripley and brought her back in this kind of limited way. It was a great experience. I really, really enjoyed it, and I never thought I would get a chance to take the character in a new direction, and I thought I was able to.

About the game:

It is an homage to the atmosphere and world and characters to a certain extent, the life in space that Ridley Scott created in the first one, and it takes it in a whole new direction with different characters and a different story that’s inspired by the original but very much is its own thing. And it’s actually an experience that you won’t get in a theater. You’ll only get it by immersing yourself in this game...

And best of all, about playing Ripley again on the big screen:

It would be exciting ... I didn’t feel it was the right time back when we were doing [Alien: Resurrection], but I kind of feel like now we would do a good job.

For more on the upcoming game—along with a look at the other actors that made the movie a classiccheck out this behind-the-scenes video from the makers of Alien: Isolation, the Creative Assembly. And let us know in the comments how sad you are that Ian Holm (Ash) isn't among the actors who have returned to their roles.

Via EW.

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