Sigourney: James Cameron told me I'll be back in Avatar 2

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

It was great to see Ripley herself, Sigourney Weaver, back in a kick-ass sci-fi movie like Avatar. Too bad they killed her off, though. (Sorry for the spoiler, but it's like the biggest movie of all time—haven't you seen it already?)

Dr. Grace Augustine took a bullet in her human form, so the Na'vi tried to permanently transfer her into her avatar. From what it looked like in the film, Grace didn't survive the transfer, so there's no way she'll be in Avatar 2, right?

"Darling, that's not true," Weaver assured fans in an interview on Aug. 27 in Beverly Hills, Calif., where she was promoting the comedy You Again. "She didn't maybe die. Maybe she's just in the tree."

We can certainly take Weaver's word for it if she was suggesting Grace could come back as a tree. And she's not just guessing. James Cameron's been plotting ideas for a sequel, and they still include Weaver.

"I'm not allowed to say anything, but he certainly made a lot of notes over the last year of where to move on," Weaver said. "I think he really wants to keep the team together as much as he can."

This is Pandora we're talking about, so Grace could come back as pretty much anything Cameron wanted. That suggestion must have struck a nerve. "You stop there," Weaver teased. "I'm not allowed to say anything."

One thing's for sure, it would still be Grace. With the performance-capture technology Cameron invented for Avatar, he could just recast her as a different character and change her look. That would be cool to bring Weaver back, but she's positive it's still going to be Grace.

"I think that would be odd [to play someone else]," Weaver said. "But it's not clear if Grace could have the possibility of coming back in a different form."

If you can't wait to see Grace's return, there is a little more of her in the new extended cut of Avatar released this weekend. "There's a lovely scene where Grace brings Jake and Norm to her old schoolhouse, which is now deserted, when they first meet her. Then there's a little added delight in the Jake/Neytiri love scene."

Wait, they put the Na'vi sex back in? They kept going back and forth about that one. "It's back, it's back," Weaver said.

Weaver saw all the additional scenes and raved about one that doesn't even involve her. "In this version, which Jim took me through, I was able to see all this footage that's going in. There's the most amazing thing called the sturmbeasts. It's like a big buffalo hunt, and you're really in this hunt with these gigantic wonderful creatures called sturmbeasts with the other Na'vi with your bow and arrow. That's the longest sequence, and it's so visceral. You are there."

Then there will even be more Grace in the special-edition DVD. "In the DVD there's a whole series of scenes between Grace and Jake talking about the Na'vi and her relationship with them and his relationship with them. Really, for the original movie I think you didn't need it. It was done without all that dialogue, but it's cool to see. If not in this one, it's going to be in the DVD."