Go behind the scenes of Grimm with the Big Bad Wolf for S2 secrets

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Dec 17, 2012

Actor Silas Weir Mitchell is about to face his inner Big Bad Wolf once again. NBC's Grimm premieres its second season on Monday, and if you liked the fairy-tale procedural in season one, expect more—more creatures, more mythology, more danger, more fun, and certainly more Monroe—in season two, said Mitchell in an exclusive interview with Blastr.

The premiere, "Bad Teeth," "picks up right where it left off, and it just hits the ground running. Season two ... we're firing on all cylinders, man," said Mitchell, who plays Monroe, one of the Wesen or creatures who only Nick, a Grimm, can see.

At the end of season one, Nick was left facing off with his Grimm mom, who he thought was dead. And let's just say that when the smoke clears, Mom, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, is going to be none too happy to find out her son's BFF is a Blutbad (aka Mitchell's Monroe, a reformed Big Bad Wolf).

"Nick's mom is a threat, and I don't like being around her because she doesn't understand what's going on," said Mitchell.

And then there's Nick's financee, Juliette, who was poisoned by a cat scratch in an attempt to get to Nick. "Juliette is in a bad way. Who knows how she's going to get out of that predicament?" he said. And if she does, whether or not she'll remember that Nick was trying to tell her he was a Grimm.

"Whether she remembers, and if she remembers, does she accept him? Does she remember me sort of half-morphing [into a Blutbad] for her, which would not be cool? So it's really fun. This season, there's a lot of really fun mythology that the fans are really going to dig. There's still scary stuff, there's still creatures, but there's a lot of really fun underpinnings of the world type of material. Like how the world works, what the forces are that are at play, how Nick fits into that structure. It's really fun. It's deep. And the mythology is there," said Mitchell.

As for Monroe, he'll have more to deal with than Nick's Grimm mom. "Monroe is very conflicted in a lot of ways. Conflicted about helping Nick. Conflicted about his dark past. So there's a lot of decisions that I have to make, and sometimes I make the right decisions, and I think sometimes I make the wrong ones."

There are "just a lot of perilous situations. A lot of trying to keep things in balance, because the forces arrayed against Nick are very formidable. So Monroe has got to watch his ass, because ... I do some dangerous things. I start to feel a little bit more willing to put my neck on the line. It gets kind of intense at times," he said.

And since Bree Turner, who plays an apothecary Fuchsbau named Rosalee, is becoming a regular this season, we'll see some of the hinted-at romantic connection from last year between Monroe and Rosalee in season two.

"The idea of Monroe-mance is a little weird. Like, what is romantic for Monroe? I don't know. But I certainly think there's an affinity between the two characters," said Mitchell. "Just the idea that Rosalle's had a rough past, and I think we have an affinity. We relate to each other in that way. So it's nice to have someone who kind of understands what it's like to be part of the world of Wesen, but also kind of disavowing it to a certain degree. Trying to put the past behind them."

The actor, who's had recurring TV roles on Prison Break, My Name Is Earl and 24, often has played edgy and unstable characters. While Monroe falls into that category, there's no denying that playing a Blutbad isn't your average acting gig.

Besides being conflicted and dealing with a possible romance, as Mitchell talks about his character you get the sense that Monroe's also about to embrace the hero within.

"Just sort of coming to terms with the responsibilities that I'm going to take on. Responsibilities of actually trying to work in the name of something good rather than just disavowing the world and living and making clocks and being sort of hermetic and alone. One of the responsibilities is engaging with the world. Of accepting a certain role and not hiding from that responsibility that we all have to be members of a society. And what is my role going to be? Am I going to accept it, or am I going to back away from it? When the going gets rough, how is it going to work out? Because I'm very reluctant, but once I accept it, how far will I take it?"

As for the Grimm, if you loved last season, get ready for more. "There's still creatures of the week. There's still crimes that have to get solved. There's still spooky, ugly stuff going on. But there's a lot of mythology about the way the Grimm world works," said Mitchell.

"What's great about Grimm is that we don't know what this is," he said. While it's a fairy-tale procedural, it's not another Law and Order or C.S.I.. "Creatures? What's a Hexenbiest? What's a Blutbad? You know what I mean? What's a Lausenschlange? What's an Unbezahlbar? What are these things? And I think that there's a real joy for the audience in particular ... It's certainly fun to play in that world as we are, but for an audience to be like, what is this? Who are these people? What's going on? I think that's great. To have something where there's mystery and it's unique. It's not superheroes, not DC comics. It's its own thing, and I think that's really cool."

Here's a sneak peek of "Bad Teeth":

If you haven't caught all of season one, season one's DVD and Blu-ray were just released this week, with Grimm collector cards, the "Making Monsters" featurette, a bloopers reel, a Blu-ray interactive creature guide and more.

As for season two, Grimm gets an early premiere on Monday, Aug. 13, at 10 p.m. However, on Sept. 12, the series moves to Fridays at 9 p.m.

Will you be glad to see the return of Monroe and Grimm?

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