Simon Kinberg promises Gambit film will play it close to the comic canon

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Jan 7, 2016, 2:42 PM EST (Updated)

One of the most interesting films on Fox’s superhero schedule in the X-Men spinoff Gambit, which was essentially developed as a vehicle for rising star Channing Tatum. Which, we’ll even use the phrase "spinoff" loosely, since Tatum’s Gambit has never actually appeared in an X-Men film.

With so little to go on, what can we actually expect from Gambit? According to producer Simon Kinberg, fans of the comic should find something comfortably familiar once this one shows up in theaters in 2017 (probably). Kinberg described the project as “a sexy PG-13 heist film,” which makes some sense, considering the classic version of the character was always a bit of a thief and a rogue.

Here’s an excerpt from what he told Empire:

“Channing is a big fan of the comic, so the accent, the attitude, the costume in many way, will be in the film. And he’s a character with a complex backstory – we’re playing him as a thief in the film, and that’s a big part of the story.”

Though Deadpool is riding some solid geek buzz into the new year, its hard-R rating makes it a bit of a risky proposition, so you’d have to think Gambit might be a better overall representation for whatever the studio wants to do with its X-Men franchise outside of the flagship installments and Wolverine flicks. Framing it as a heist movie could also help provide some variety (i.e., Ant-Man for Marvel Studios) from the usual formula, plus provide a natural jumping-in point to reintroduce the character.

We’ll also note that, yes, Taylor Kitsch did already play Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But that movie was terrible (and almost certainly erased by Days of Future Past), so we’re pretty much choosing to ignore it. Hopefully Tatum will be the Gambit we’ve always wanted.

Beyond that, it’ll also be interesting to see which other X-Men characters might be introduced into the story. Heck, even Deadpool is bringing Colossus into the mix, so it stands to reason a few semi-familiar faces could cross over into Gambit’s story. Someone like Kitty Pryde or Jean Grey would totally come in handy when pulling a heist, right? 

Gambit is tentatively set to open in 2017, after the release was bumped from late 2016.

What are you expecting from Gambit once it eventually arrives?

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