Simon Pegg confirms Roberto Orci will direct Star Trek 3

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Dec 21, 2018, 11:00 PM EST (Updated)

Simon Pegg -- who took over the engineer room to play the USS Enterprise’s chief engineer, Lt. Montgomery “Scotty” Scott, on J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek reboot -- was at this past weekend’s Star Trek Las Vegas convention, where he revealed a few interesting tidbits about the upcoming third entry into the beloved sci-fi franchise, confirming in one fell swoop that Trek scribe Roberto Orci will indeed direct the film.

Here are some of the major points reported by Trek Movie, which was on hand for the convention.

Pegg hasn’t read the script but "will do soon"

Says cast "love getting to hang out together" and they "can’t wait to make Star Trek 3 next year."

Says "hopefully the release should coincide with the 50th anniversary, which would be very cool."

When talking about Roberto Orci, Pegg said (mater of factly) "Bob is going to direct the new film"

On couple of lighter notes he suggested his friend Nick Frost would be great for to play Harry Mudd, and was very open to fan suggestion of Scotty wearing a kilt at some point

Then, talking more specifically about his charater, here’s what Pegg had to say about what he’d like to see happen for Scotty next:

“I would like to see Scotty challenged more. He is always complaining so if you ask him he is always challenged. I would like to see him in more situations of adversity. It is fun playing Scotty seriously too. I think he has a very serious heart. He is somebody who takes his job incredibly seriously. He is somebody who is fiercely loyal. He has a lot of attributes that are deadly serious. He just goes through life with an attitude that is fairly light and ironic.”

Do you guys think it’s likely we’ll get to see Star Trek 3 in 2016, during the show’s 50th anniversary? Are you looking forward for more voyages with the cast and crew of the starship Enterprise? What do you think of the fact that Roberto Orci will indeed be sitting in the captain's director's chair?

(Trek Movie via Cinema Blend)