Simon Pegg hasn't heard the name Khan come up in Trek 2's script

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Dec 16, 2012

We've yet to receive an official confirmation from J.J. Abrams that Khan Noonien Singh is indeed his upcoming Star Trek sequel's main villain, despite persistent rumors that he is. Even Scotty himself, actor Simon Pegg, seems to know nothing about it. And he's read the script.

MTV News caught up with both Pegg, who plays the Enterprise's chief engineer, Montgomery ''Scotty'' Scott, in Abrams' new Trek films, and producer Bryan Burk, while these two were promoting Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol.

Though Pegg says he's finally read the new Star Trek script and that it was really ''good,'' the actor swears that he knows nothing of the new characters that have joined the story (played by Alice Eve and Robocop's Peter Weller), and that (gasp!) he hasn't even heard the name of Khan come up in the script at all:

"I haven't heard the name Khan come up. Not to say it won't come up, but I have heard no mention of him whatsoever. He is a great villain. I don't want to say too much and then have to eat my words as I often do, but we've seen Khan [in a Trek movie before]. To see him again, how much value is there in that? I don't know."

Pegg may simply be playing coy here, or it's also possible that the name and true identity of the real villain has been withheld from the scripts the Trek actors got. It has been done before.

Producer Bryan Burk was as coy as Pegg about whether Khan Noonien Singh belongs in the new film, only saying:

"There are amazing villains all throughout the Star Trek universe as well as new villains. As we did in the last film, there's a lot of directions you can go with the film. In this case, we chose to do something we thought would be original and unique and different, and I think on paper, we made the right choice. Now we have to go shoot."

So neither of them are actually confirming or denying that Khan is in the next film. They also seem to be doing a fair bit of dancing around the question.

What do you think?

Abrams' upcoming Star Trek as-yet-untitled sequel is set to be released on May 17, 2013, with shooting in 3-D to begin in January.

(via MTV News)

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