Simon Pegg responds to rumor he's the guy cast as Marvel's Ant-Man

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Aug 16, 2013

The always-awesome Simon Pegg set the Internet on fire after dropping a major hint that he could be Marvel’s Ant-Man, and now he’s finally explained what the heck is going on. So is the Shaun of the Dead star the next Avenger?

Sadly, probably not. At least, not yet, as Pegg is now backpedaling on his clever little hint about the upcoming Phase 3 Marvel project. Of course, Pegg’s best bud Edgar Wright is directing Ant-Man, which you’d have to think gives him the inside track.

Who knows? Maybe it will, but Pegg is trying to set the record straight right now that he is definitely not Ant-Man. It’s an interesting thought, though, and Pegg would be a very interesting option if he does arise as a candidate down the line.

Here’s the post that started it all. Hint: Take note at what Pegg is pointing at:

Yeah, that’s right — he’s pointing at Ant-Man, in a pose that is eerily (and almost certainly purposefully) reminiscent of Vin Diesel’s tantalizing posts before he officially signed on as Groot in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

After fans went nuts thinking the post might be a not-so-subtle hint, Pegg has tried his best to clear things up (and have a little fun in the process):

What do you think? Could Simon Pegg hold his own with The Avengers?

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