Simon Pegg shares annotated (and bloody) Shaun of the Dead script

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Aug 5, 2013

With The World's End headed stateside at the end of the month, let's take another look at the first entry into the Cornetto Trilogy.

Having a laugh over a pint and a packet of pig snacks has never been more fun than it was in Simon Pegg's riff on the classic zombie story, Shaun of the Dead. The film, on its  own, is a marvel, but there's so much depth to it, as we learned upon its DVD release. When you love a movie, it's so much fun to find out the true fate and stories behind all the characters.

And now, after we thought there was nothing left to know, suddenly we discover this -- an annotated full script for Shaun. We get behind-the-scenes pictures, handwritten script pages, video and more.

So before you pop off to see how the Cornetto story ends (hint: robots), have one last go at the zombie apocalypse, eh? Because there's nothing better than having to kill the undead versions of the people you hold most dear. Comedy!

And, if you like that, stay tuned, because apparently Hot Fuzz will be getting the annotated treatment as well.

(via Bleeding Cool)

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