Simon Pegg on Star Wars prequels: 'Like George Lucas killing his kid'

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Nov 12, 2015, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

Along with being a prolific filmmaker and actor, Simon Pegg is also an unabashed geek. So it’s not much of a surprise to learn he has some strong feelings about the Star Wars prequels.

Most fans of the Star Wars franchise admit the prequel trilogy left more than a few things to be desired, but Pegg said he can’t even fathom how anyone could actually like the prequels. An outspoken opinion, sure, but we’d think many fans would agree with his assessment. Of course, for those who do think Jar Jar and midichlorians are just the coolest things ever, he has some choice words.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent NY Daily News interview: 

“I don't really have any respect for anyone who thinks those films are good. They’re not. (They’re) a monumental misunderstanding of what the (original) three films are about. It’s an exercise in utter infanticide ... (like) George Lucas killing his kid. To knock out ideas with (director) J.J. (Abrams), and every single day, whether you were on the set of something you recognized or a set that was brand new, it just felt like 'Star Wars' in a way that I hadn't felt in 32 years. It was genuinely magical.”

Ouch. It’s not much of a shock to hear Pegg go on a tirade against the prequels (most Star Wars fans have done the same at some point), and it’s nice to hear he’s geeking out over The Force Awakens (even if he is best pals with director J.J. Abrams). But man, taking a shot at anyone who actually likes the movies? Might be a bit too far.

What’s your take on Pegg’s assessment? On the money, or too harsh?


(Via NY Daily News)