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The Simpsons: Get your first 'Wonder-ous' look at Gal Gadot's guest spot in Season 30

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Sep 24, 2018

The Simpsons will soon begin its 30th season of television. Not only that, but Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot will be appearing as herself in the premiere episode, "Bart's Not Dead." 

Now, Fox has provided SYFY WIRE with the first high-res look at Gadot in the animated series. (USA Today first reported on sneak peek.) As you can see, it looks exactly like her, except for all the jaundiced yellow skin that nearly everyone in Springfield (and the wider Simpson-verse) is known for. 

The Simpsons Gal Gadot Bart's Not Dead

Credit: Fox

Based on a short snippet from the episode that has surfaced online, Gadot appears during an audition hosted by Homer (Dan Castellaneta) and Ned Flanders (Harry Shearer). She explains that she'll be reading for the part of Lisa. Ned exclaims that Gadot has the part, but before she can utter another line of dialogue, Homer cuts in with:

"Wait, wait, wait. I know you were good in Fast and Furious, but what else have you been in?"

"Uhhh, did you see Wonder Woman?" asks Gadot

"Whenever I see the DC logo, I immediately fall asleep," counters Homer, an obvious dig at Warner Bros.' floundering superhero cinematic universe.

The Simpsons returns to Fox for its 30th season on Sunday, Sep. 30. Other guests this season will, according to IndieWire, include: Pete Holmes, Emily Deschanel, Dave Attell, Jonathan Groff, Tracy Morgan, Billy Eichner, RuPaul, Scott Thompson, Jane Lynch, and even Netflix's chief content officer, Ted Sarandos.

Gadot returns as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 1984, which hits theaters Nov. 1, 2019.

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