Anna and the Apocalypse
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Sing along with a new trailer for the Christmas zombie musical Anna and the Apocalypse

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Oct 20, 2018, 12:05 PM EDT (Updated)

Nothing says "Yuletide cheer!" more than bashing in the decaying skulls of the undead. The new U.K. trailer for the Christmas/zombie/comedy/musical mashup Anna and the Apocalypse is now online, and it teases three invigorating musical numbers that bring to mind the halcyon days of Disney's High School Musical.

Check out the new trailer, which has everything you want, except the bouncing dot and lyrics at the bottom of the screen...

Directed by John McPhail (Waterloo Road), the movie stars Ella Hunt (Robot Overlords) as the titular heroine and is quite self-aware, as evidenced by the trailer above. At one point someone declares, "Like the movies! Destroy the brain!"

There have been so many zombie films over the years, it's reached a point where the genre needs to start evolving and adapting in order to stay fresh and relevant. Pairing up gray-matter-eating ghouls with earwiggy tunes is bizarre to be sure, but it's also genius and just what the genre needed, while also remaining somewhat familiar. Combining horror with elements of Christmas and comedy brings to mind Gremlins and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Anna and the Apocalypse decks the halls with zombie brains during its limited release debut in the U.S., starting on on Nov. 30.