Singh a Sherine song

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May 1, 2010

OMFSM! How did I miss this? The wonderful skeptic Ariane Sherine sings a song of Simon Singh:

Ha! That was brilliant. And her point is a good one: go support libel reform in the UK! Even though the BCA dropped its suit* against Simon, the libel law evilness lives on. If Ariane looks familiar, that because she was a speaker at TAM London, and I did a short interview with her there too. I had no idea she could play guitar and sing! I think she'll have to join George Hrab and Tim Minchin onstage at some point.

Tip o' the subluxated spine to Neil Haggath.

*Because the emperor had no clothes. Hahahaha! Get it? "Suit"? Get it? Sigh.

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