NYCC 2018: Siren drops first teaser, 'going under' for second season

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Oct 4, 2018

Good news, Siren fans. It looks as though the second season will not only explore the characters on land, but it also plans to go deeper into the underwater world of the mermaids.

At New York Comic Con on Thursday, the panel for Siren, Freeform's dark fantasy series, executive producer Emily Whitesell told attendees that "we're going to learn a lot about the whole mermaid world" in the second season. And this doesn't just mean that more mermaids are coming to Bristol Cove (although they are). Viewers are going to get a glimpse of their world.

"We're going under," she said.

Though careful not to give too much away, Whitesell added: "We do learn ... there's some tribalism underwater."

Fellow EP Eric Wald added: "One thing we learn very early on in Season 2 is that mermaids are territorial." Interesting...

Whitesell also promised that the show will continue to tackle environmental themes in the upcoming season, as it did in its first. "In Season 2 there's a whole new environmental nightmare we'll be dealing with," she teased.

Also on the panel, actors Eline Powell (Ryn) and Alex Roe (Ben) promised that viewers would see their relationship develop, and possibly learn to what degree Ben's feelings for Ryn are natural, or are influenced by the siren's song.

The panel also revealed a new teaser for Siren's second season. Check it out below:

Siren returns for its second season on Jan. 24, 2019.

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