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Siren star Rena Owen teases 'pivotal' secrets in this week's episode: Watch an exclusive preview

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Jan 8, 2019, 11:00 AM EST (Updated)

When people think of mermaids, they usually imagine beautiful, delicate creatures, and for some reason, a lot of glitter. Siren takes the myth of mermaids in a completely different direction. The mermaids of Freeform's Siren are predators, and have no problems slashing you in half and eating whichever part of you stops twitching first.

In this Thursday's episode, "Being Human," the town mourns the loss of Captain Sean. No one takes it as hard as his son, Xander, does. In this exclusive clip from the episode, Helen (Rena Owen) takes Ben (Alex Roe) outside to confront him about Sean's death. It is a very heated conversation, and we spoke with Owen about just what this signifies as the show dives deeper into its mermaid mythology.

"My concerns, when I take Ben aside, is that I know this wasn't an accident," Owen tells SYFY WIRE. "I know Donna" — the sister of the show's main mermaid protagonist, Ryn — "is very, very angry, and out for revenge. Helen knows there are a whole lot of angry, hungry mermaids out there in the sea. So I presume this is not an accident."

So what prompted Helen to speak out?

"I do what Helen normally does, which is try to protect Ryn, and I warn Ben to keep an eye on Xander because Xander is in a very volatile place," Owen explains. "In this situation, he feels very guilty, as he should. This would have never have happened if he hadn't taken the ship out. This isn't just about a son losing a father, he's also experiencing incredible guilt, and his father was killed by a merman. None of these characters has ever seen a merman!"

Owen promises that she has a few "pivotal moments" in this episode, but, naturally, is keeping a tight lid on things. Helen knows that the story the guys are telling are false, and that has her concerned. "It is out of safety and concern for Ryn," she adds.

Siren airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform.