Homeless (and rather furry) Harry Potter star needs your help

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

If you like dogs and Harry Potter, here's your chance to have both: The dog who played Sirius Black's animagus, Padfoot, who appeared in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban is in need of a good home.

Berry, the black German shepherd who was played in human form by Gary Oldman, is up for adoption. Berry's owner and trainer, stuntman Paul Thompson, told the Sunday Express, "I found myself spending a lot of time away from home. The dogs needed more attention than I could give. It was a difficult decision to make but one I had to accept was best for the dogs."

Note that he said dogs, plural. Berry is not the only doggie in this deal; he can only be adopted along with his pal Porridge, a 13-year-old German shepherd mix who had in a role in the TV drama White Teeth. (Berry is currently 10 in human years.) Currently, they reside in a foster home.

These two former stars need food, water and a good brushing. In exchange, Berry will spill all of his on-set secrets. (Of course, you'll need the canine version of parseltongue to understand him.)

Potential families can inquire at German Shepherd Rescue. Muggles are welcome to apply.

(via HuffPo)