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Apr 25, 2006

This is pretty cool. BA Reader Karen Davis alerted me to this page by a young Norwegian man. He has links to a ton of skeptical podcasts and radio interviews. If you read BA, you'll recognize a lot of the names: interviews with Michael Shermer, James Randi... and hey, who's that guy with the NASA cap on? :-)

Yeah, it's me. Actually, there's some stuff there I forgot about: like talking about the Venus Transit in 2004 with a reporter from MSNBC. I remember doing it, but I did a lot of short, four minute interviews that day at Goddard Space Flight Center-- like literally 30 of them. The one I remember best was with a local reporter from San Francisco. I thought it was funny to fly all the way across the country, then wind up on the air with my own local news! I'll have to write up that little adventure some day; it was fun, and the transit was truly excellent.

I watched that MSNBC video again (I had to use -- shudder -- IE), and besides looking a little stiff I think it was OK. But then the reporter mispronounced my last name. Sigh. It'd better than another reporter who introduced me as being from "the Goddard Space Station". Yikes.

Anyway, go to that skeptical site, and check out those links. Randi's page has some great stuff. The debunking of Uri Geller is particularly fun.

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