Skeptic's Dictionary for kids

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Aug 12, 2011

Kids are sort of the ultimate thinking paradox: incredibly trusting and willing to believe, yet also incredibly willing to categorize things, put them in scientific bins, investigate and learn.

If we want kids to grow into intelligent, critically thinking adults, we need to show them how to think. And now Bob Carroll, author of the fabulous Skeptic's Dictionary, has written just the thing: The Skeptic's Dictionary for Kids.

It's got lots of entries for inquisitive younglings, from abracadabra to zombies. Bob suggests that everyone read his definition of scientific skepticism -- which may be for kids, but should be required reading for every single human being on this planet. He also has a nice introduction to get them started as well.

Knowing Bob, he'll be adding to this as time goes on, so if you have kids, let 'em at it, and send along suggestions for more topics. I see this becoming an indispensable resource for parents!

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