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Apr 9, 2008

Very cool: the folks at New Rule Productions put together a quick teaser trailer for The Skeptologists. I've uploaded it to Youtube:

It's also on Facebook. The subject of the video is... well, if the show gets picked up, you'll find out. :-)

Also, if you want to support the show (and given how many people responded to the call for a transcriptionist, I see that y'all do!), you can send an email to You'll get an automated reply, but we're collecting emails to show networks that there is a demand for quality shows for intelligent people who don't buy into all the nonsense being aired right now. As Ryan Johnson, the director, wrote:

Raise your voice! Let it be known that it’s time for a TV series that focuses on the real, the intelligent and important advances in science, critical thinking and skepticism. The Skeptologists will be pitched to major networks soon, and we want to give the programming executives a sense of what kind of support they can received if they invest in a TV series of this kind.

We have started an email campaign to have fans of the show write-in in support of this show idea and let us know why you would watch a show about critical thinking, science and skepticism! We will compile the emails and present to the executives along with our all-star cast, entertaining pilot program and solid production background to seal a great TV deal to give the Skeptics of the world a show they can stand behind, and be proud of!

Take a moment, and send a brief email to You email will be collected and will help support the show.

Thank you very much,

-Ryan C. Johnson, Director

Comments left here are useful too, so fire away.

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