Is this a Skrull ship on the set of Avengers?

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Jun 25, 2015
News from the set of The Avengers is coming fast and furious now. It seems like every day someone new has secretly filmed something new for the Internet to speculate about. We've got the latest for you right here, including a potential hint at some of the movie's villains.

Filming is taking place in Cleveland (which is doubling for New York City). Fresh from the set, we've got a little video of Captain America being thrown clean through a window and landing on a car. Who could it be that hurt our poor Cap?

Meanwhile, there seems to be a certain spaceship crash-landed nearby. We've heard conflicting reports, but could this be confirmation that the Skrulls will, in fact, be appearing in the Avengers after all? Or could it be another alien race altogether? With rumors of a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in the future, maybe the aliens in question are their nemesis, the Badoon?

It's all early days yet, but it's still fun to guess at what it all means. What do you think so far?

Via Latino Review