Skyscraper director breaks down The Rock's 'super crane' jump

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Feb 23, 2021, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

Writer/director (and sometimes actor) Rawson Marshall Thurber hasn’t spent a lot of time working in our genre world, but if his upcoming film Skyscraper turns out to be as good as he makes it look in this behind-the-scenes video, then we could be in for much more awesomness in the future. Heck, even if all he gives us is this one scene, at the very least he’ll have given us a high point of genre awesomeness for July 2018. And that’s something.

In Fandango’s scene breakdown video below, the camera-friendly creator behind Dodgeball and Central Intelligence (which he wrote, directed, and played the part of Handsome Pants-Catcher) specifically dissects the poster shot (enhanced by marketing for the poster below) of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson leaping from an insanely tall building in a single death-defying bound. A scene which he describes as “actually, physically possible to achieve,” though maybe not if you’re a "265-pound man missing your lower left leg.“ 

Granted, that’s what The Rock’s character, amputee Will Sawyer, is cooking up. Sawyer is a former FBI hostage rescuer and U.S. war vet, and current skyscraper security expert, who needs to jump from a “super crane” into the tallest building in the world, which is of course on fire, and unfortunately holds his family trapped inside. 

Stop, you had us at super crane.       


(Credit: Universal/Legendary)

The entire video is pretty cool, with plenty of technical secrets divulged and a starring role for The Rock’s cousin and longtime stuntman, Tanoai Reed. But perhaps the coolest part is that Jeff Glasbrenner, the first American amputee to climb Mt. Everest (not the first ever, as Thurber mistakenly says) and a world champion wheelchair basketball player, was on hand during the filming of the scene, and had a chance to speak to the crew. 

Which also says a lot about the writer-director himself. So yeah, we look forward to seeing plenty of more genre from Thurber, starting with Skyskraper on July 13. He’s also working with The Rock again (and Gal Gadot) writing and directing the art thief/Interpol agent film Red Notice, and writing for the upcoming The Umbrella Academy series as well.