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Skyscraper set went hard enough to prompt two actors' surgeries

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Jul 11, 2018, 2:08 PM EDT (Updated)

Working with Dwayne Johnson has got to be exhausting. It’s like your co-worker is an actual tank. Perhaps that’s why, on the set of his and director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s upcoming (and stunt-filled) movie Skyscraper, so many of his co-stars got injured — with two getting hurt so bad they required surgery.

Speaking to SYFY WIRE at the film’s red carpet, Johnson explained that his co-star Neve Campbell did a lot of her own stunts as she was proving to be anything but a damsel in distress. "She went so hardcore in this movie with the stunts," Johnson said, "that she hurt her back, didn't say a word, and continued to shoot. A month later she had to have back surgery. She's hardcore."

Actor Pablo Schreiber, also stopping by the red carpet, explained that the film took its toll on him as well. Talking about one of the film's fight scenes, he described the exact point it became too much. "That was the point where I tore my meniscus in my right knee and went home," Schreiber said. "There was a point where I said 'I can't do this anymore because I have to go get surgery'."

Coming back from the surgery a bit too quickly, Schreiber went straight back to the fight scene...only to tear the meniscus in his left knee in the scene's final moment. Both knees gone, he had to come back and shoot his death scene. That's an intense set.

Skyscraper comes out on July 13.

(With reporting by Tara Bernie)