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Development: Slaughterhouse-Five series moves to Epix, AMC opens writers' room for animated Pantheon, Legendary lands superhero heist film

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Aug 7, 2018

Mind-bending sci-fi TV has been on the rise, picking up the mantle of The Twilight Zone and running like their robot overlords are behind them. Not one, but two TV shows focused on this kind of strangeness are on their way.

First up is an adaptation of Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five, one of the most difficult-to-adapt books out there due to its sheer temporal complexity. But, according to Variety, Epix is going to try.

The show's been in development at Universal Cable Productions by Happy! showrunner Patrick Macmanus — now it has a home for the time-traveling Billy Pilgrim to flit back and forth from, seeing if he actually does have free will. No word on when (an important word when dealing with Slaughterhouse-Five) the show is coming.

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 1.23.57 PM

Credit: Dial Press


The second goes in a slightly different direction. According to Deadline, AMC is venturing into animated drama with Pantheon, a project based on a series of short stories by Nebula- and Hugo-winning sci-fi author Ken Liu.

The adaptation of the stories, helmed by creator/executive producer Craig Silverstein, will focus on uploaded intelligence — a nice blend of traditional speculative fiction and the tech-focused musings of hyper-popular anthology Black Mirror.

The unique project just opened its writers' room and, because it’s a bit of a strange turn for AMC, will not only put out a few scripts, but produce a five-minute animated presentation for AMC to fulfill the network’s commission.

Finally, TheWrap reports that Irish filmmaking team Chris Baugh and Brendan Mullin successfully pitched a supervillan-based film to Legendary Entertainment. The untitled film -- which Baugh and Mullin will write and produce, with Baugh solely directing -- will follow some baddies breaking into a superhero's lair for a good old-fashioned heist. No timeline has been set by the latest genre mix to feature superpowered characters.

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