Sleepy Hollow showrunner on how that season finale will launch a refocused S3

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Feb 24, 2015, 11:38 AM EST (Updated)

After one of the best debut seasons in recent memory, Fox’s Sleepy Hollow went a bit off the rails this past year. The season-two finale did a lot to get it back on track.

Spoilers ahead for the season-two finale of Sleepy Hollow!

Showrunner Mark Goffman chatted with TV Line about the season finale, and the big moves they made to refocus the show back on the core cast. The first season was a taut thriller that kept us guessing all the way to the end. But season two? It was a bit of a mess, and the network admitted as much when it opted for a midstream retool to make the show less serialized.

A lot of that came to a head Tuesday night, when they seemingly killed off Crane’s newly evil wife, Katrina (Katia Winter), right on the heels of axing their evil adult son, Henry (John Noble). It was basically a soft reboot to bring things back to how the show began, with the focus back on Ichabod and Abbie (along with Irving and Jenny) and a whole new set of vague threats on the way.

Here’s how Goffman explained how they got here and what’s coming next:

“This had very much been the plan from the beginning. It just took a while to get there. But we always wanted to keep the show focused on them and always knew that some form of this was going to be the ending. Of course, you always want to give yourself room during the course of the season to see how things are playing and see how audiences are reacting, how the writers are reacting, how the cast is meshing, but ultimately, this really felt like the right way to end both this season and launch Season 3…

There are so many stories to tell. Some of it is in the aftermath of these incredible, emotional moments that these characters went through here. Obviously, for the better part of two seasons, Crane has been wishing his wife were free from Purgatory, but it didn’t really play out the way it had planned or hoped. There’s a lot of room to continue telling the story. There’s also the ability to launch in a whole new trajectory, because there really is more to both of their lives that they’re going to find out in these many years of trials and tribulations.”

The season finale was fun, if not a bit uneven. The time-travel twist was a blast, and it provided a nice narrative tool to reconnect with the pilot episode (with Abbie the one out of time now, as opposed to Ichabod) and bring this chapter of the series to a close.

With a third season already ordered, we’re anxious to see what the writers do now that they’re free from all the narrative baggage of the past two years. If they can recapture that madcap fun of the first season, we’ll definitely stick around. If not? The ratings took a dive in year two, and we worry Ichabod could finally run out of time next season.

What do you think? Did the second season finale get the series back on track?

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